The newly launched Cómodo needed to differentiate from the other 18,000 restaurants in New York City.  They asked us to come up with a social media campaign that would generate buzz around the restaurant, promote their cuisine and speak to their playful personality.


People love to Instagram their food, so we decided to use their photos to create our very own Instagram Menu. We printed the #ComodoMenu hashtag on our real menu and invited guests to add pictures of our courses as well as browse existing photos for inspiration.


With $0 budget, the campaign generated +280 million earned media impressions and was featured in top lifestyle, news and business outlets, as well as TV and radio stations across the world. Mashable named Cómodo next to Red Bull and Tiffany & Co. among the top brands that understand marketing on Instagram. The idea was picked up by restaurants worldwide that created their own Instagram menu and Cómodo received table reservations for up to 5 months in advance.